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Crisini R.

I would highly recommend Strong Foundations Academy to any parent who is looking for a preschool for their child. Angie Neal and Carolyn McCleary are two of the hardest working, dedicated teachers with whom I’ve had the privilege to work with. Their commitment to educating and meeting the needs of each individual child is remarkable. Both Angie and Carolyn have an ability to hold students to high expectations, while also creating strong empathetic relationships. If you want your child to not only be prepared, but also a step ahead for when they enter kindergarten, Strong Foundations Academy should be your choice!

Kindergarten classroom school background

Bonnie A.

My son just completed a 2 week "Kindergarten Ready" bootcamp at Strong Foundations Academy this summer and we had a wonderful experience! To begin, the school is beautiful, with spacious classrooms and a huge indoor/outdoor play area.  Class sizes were small, which allowed us feel comfortable sending our child and knowing that they were able to maintain a safe and healthy environment for him.
I was extremely impressed with their academic program, and my son made significant growth even in the short time he was there. 

Mrs. McCleary and Mrs. Neal (both state certified teachers) were able to identify the needs of each child, including initial assessments of abilities and a learning plan for skills that needed work.  Daily units based on read aloud books allowed for children to practice their skills with the current topic. 
The App they use was another highlight for us.  It allowed for quick drop off/pick up procedures, and teachers were able to communicate with parents so easily.  I loved getting a picture of what he was up to each day :)
I highly recommend Strong Foundations Academy!


Lindsay G.

Our daughter finished her Pre-School Boot Camp today and it was AMAZING! We totally slacked in Pre-K home school after everything shut down. Our daughter just spent two weeks strengthening her skills to get ready for Kinder! We are soooo happy we signed her up, Strong Foundations is FANTASTIC and we know this was the best decision for our baby to get her ready for Kindergarten! The teachers are THE BEST and the safety precautions for all this craziness were all in place. We received updates/pics via a secure app, which I totally appreciate as a mom. I loved it!! I highly recommend everyone look into Strong Foundations Academy for Preschool, Pre-K, or even Kindergarten! Small classes and accelerated learning, you really can’t go wrong!


Molly T.

I have had the privilege of having a child is Carolyn’s class and can not send enough praise on what an amazing teacher she is both with students and parents alike. Her attention to detail of each child’s needs are remarkable and her communication is top notch. As a parent, I always knew what was happening in the classroom or what my child needed during their time at school. Our family is beyond excited to have the opportunity to work with Carolyn and Angie as their prepare for our youngest for kindergarten.


Shawna S.

Both Angie Neal and Carolyn McCleary have made an impact on my children's education and love of learning. My girls were both blessed to be in Angie's first grade classroom (3 years apart). I have seen first hand how Angie is caring, compassionate, and enthusiastic about every child's education. Even after students leave her classroom, they come back year after year to visit her and give hugs and she is always SO happy to see them. She not only impacts the children but the parents as well. She will help guide you on your child's educational journey and will take the time to understand your child and what they need. My oldest also had Carolyn for library instruction for a while and even during that short time, she helped develop her love of reading and books. She was always quick to make a book suggestion or help her find her way through the aisles of the library. I've never seen Carolyn without a smile on her face! My daughters are better off because these two women were part of their educational journey and I have no doubt that your children will be too.


Amy S.

My son had Angie Neal as his 1st grade teacher and there are no words to explain what an impact she has had on him. Mrs. Neal fosters a caring, supportive and fun learning environment where children are encouraged to be themselves and celebrated for who they are. My son's confidence and his love for learning grew so much that year and I credit much of his success in the years that have followed to the foundations he received from Mrs. Neal.


Anadine C.

I can not say enough about these two amazing educators! Angie Neal and Carolyn McCleary have an amazing passion for teaching children and providing them with the love of learning. As a colleague of these ladies you can see the impact that they have with their students and the excitement they provide for their students daily! If you are looking for a positive, amazing preschool look no further!


Laurie M. 

My son was fortunate enough to have Mrs. McCleary for a teacher at CTA Independence. She has an uncanny ability to create a learning environment where students thrive. My son felt loved, cared for, and enjoyed school so much! He was able to form friendship, became a creative thinker and developed a love of reading in her classroom. Our family feels so blessed that Mrs. McCleary was the one to kickstart our son’s education.


Sabrina R.

At Strong Foundations Academy, your child will be in the best hands. Angie Neal and Carolyn McCleary are two of the most loving and compassionate educators I know.
I’ve had the privilege of working with both teachers for 3 years and I couldn’t say enough great things about, not only the education their students receive, but also the classroom environment they create for their students. They are nurturing, structured, creative, and have experience teaching young children. With Mrs. Neal and/or Mrs. McCleary as your child’s teacher(s), your child will be well-prepared for kindergarten as well as develop a life-long love for learning at a young age.

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