Our founders, Carolyn McCleary and Angie Neal, have set out on a mission to make an impact in early childhood education.

As former primary teachers in the public school setting they have witnessed a huge deficiency in the academic and social skills that students are entering kindergarten with. They became determined to be the change, so they set out on a mission to transform early childhood education and create a preschool unlike anything currently available. 

With Master level Degrees in Education paired with their combined 26 years of teaching experience they have created an Academy to challenge your child while inspiring a lifelong love of learning. 

Their recipe of Spalding, Accelerated Math and STEM combined with Spanish, Art, Music and PLAY ensures they reach and engage all young learners.

The core of Strong Foundations is the belief in hiring educators with extensive classroom experience. Our teachers are state certified. To ensure your child receives the best reading foundation instruction, your child will meet with a certified Reading Specialist daily.

At Strong Foundations Academy our mission is to provide your student with the skills they will use throughout their educational career. Our balanced curriculum teaches your child the academic skills to be successful in kindergarten and also the emotional and social skills necessary to succeed.


We have a strong passion for educating the whole child and we will work tirelessly to give your child the strong foundation he/she needs in order to be successful in school and in life. 


All parents want their children to succeed, and that begins with enrolling them in the right school environment. We would love to meet you and your child. Click on the link below to book a private tour.